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A property with a stump looks ugly. Stump removal Sydney has now become very easy. The stump can be grinded or removed. It needs high end machines and tools for stump removal. You must hire the best Stump removal arborist Sydney. It is no other than us, Safety Tree Services Sydney for your stump grinding tree services Sydney.

Why you need tree stump removal in a city like Sydney

After the tree is removed or has fallen down, the stump is left. The roots of the tree is much deep than you can imagine. This makes removing the stumps difficult. If the tree is near pool, gas pipeline or any other facility, more caution is required while removing the stump.


stump removal grinding arborist sydney

Some common reasons for tree stump removal Sydney are

  • Stump can become home to insects, ants and other reptiles. They can even enter your house or building which can be dangerous.
  • They eat lot of space. It is like a bump on land and surely has no value.
  • The overall aesthetic value of the place is reduced. It is like a blot on a good landscape.
  • When planning some development, is becomes essential to remove the stumps.

Now that you have a stump and want to get it removed, you have come to the best place. Safety Tree Services Sydney are the best for Stump removal tree services Sydney. We have been doing this for more than three decades. It is a business that needs strength, tools, machines, expertise and common sense. A combination of all these are rare to find. But ours is a family run business. All this is in our genes. If you are looking for stump grinding or stump removal in Sydney and nearby, you should reach us.

Which one is better: Stump grinding Sydney or Stump removal Sydney

In stump removal, the whole root ball is removed. It needs big and exclusive machines. The root ball is very strong and huge. After the removal, it leaves a big hole in the ground.

While in stump grinding, the stump is broken down in very small pieces with the help of a cutter. It is done few feet below the ground. The root ball is left after removing some part. It dies itself after sometime. The wood pieces can be used to cover the field or used a nutrient for soil.

Both the ways have their own pros and cons. But surely, it is easy to do stump grinding than stump removal.

Palm tree stump removal in Sydney is very commonly sought here. The Sydney beaches are full of palm trees. After the tree dies or fall, the stump is a new problem. Palm tree stumps are very tricky. It needs lots of physical strength and heavy machinery to remove them.

For any kind of stump removal or stump grinding in Sydney, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Ryde, Blacktown, call Safety Tree Services Sydney. We are better than any other stump removal and stump grinding company in Sydney. You can expect the below from us:

  • Best tools for stump removal & grinding: We have the latest and best tools for the job. We will get it done right the first time. The new park in Baulkham Hills, has full wood pieces covering. It was done perfectly by Safety Tree Services Sydney in a day by stump grinding Baulkham hills trees of the park.
  • Adequate manpower for big stump removal & grinding: We have a big team of people working with us. The job of stump removal and grinding is labour centric. We have no shortage of manpower. On a normal day, we have people working on 3-4 sites.
  • Low cost Sydney stump removal & grinding: The stump grinding cost and tree stump removal cost in Sydney depends on many factors. Like, size, location, neighbourhood, access etc. The cost starts from $1.5 per diameter. We can assure you of the lowest stump grinding cost Sydney.
  • Any time stump removal & grinding service in Sydney: We work 24X7. You can book an appointment for any day and time that suits you. There are no extra charges for night work as well in Sydney stump grinding or stump removal.
  • Emergency stump removal & grinding service in Sydney: For any urgent stump grinding Baulkham Hills and in other part of Sydney city, just contact us. We can get the work done the same day at minimum extra cost.

Ask for a free estimate for tree stump removal in Sydney

If you have been thinking to remove an old stump in Sydney or a palm tree stump for several months, it is time to make some decisions now. The best way is to ask for a free estimate. The burden of having an infectious stump is more than getting rid of it. All you need to do is contact us. For this, either call us on 111-222-4444 or visit us on

Soon, one of our stump removal arborist Sydney experts will visit your site. After doing through analysis, they will give you an estimate of time and money. This remains valid for one month. You can decide the slot as per your convenience.

Stump grinding services Sydney have never been so easy before. Just few clicks and you are done. On the scheduled day, our Sydney stump removal experts will come and do the job. We never ask for tips or increase the stump grinding prices after work. The estimate given initially remains valid after the work as well.

Safety Tree Services, Sydney has done more than 1000 jobs of stump grinding in Ryde, Black town, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and nearby area in last one year. It is a big number. Our customers are always happy. We aim to give the best tree stump grinding services around Sydney, Black Town, Ryde and other areas. Our clients are both residential and commercial.

Our company is completely insured. This means, our people and your neighbourhood are covered for any kind of damages. It is very important, because at many places the stumps are amidst gas pipelines or pools. After all precautions, accidents can happen. Having an insurance gives peace of mind.

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You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on various stump removal tree services in Sydney, visit our website. You will find many blogs that will give you in depth understanding of how we do stump removal Sydney. If you have any more questions or want an estimate, contact us today. We will be happy to help you. Save yourself from being stumped by pricey tree Service Company. Stay safe, choose Safety Tree Services Sydney for hassle free stump removal and grinding in Sydney.