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For healthy growth of trees and beautification, trees are cut or trimmed few times a year. For small plants or trees, it is easy. But when the trees are big, tree cutting Sydney can be challenging. It is not a duck soup. There are only handful of arborist, Sydney city has. The tree cutting service given by them is very slow and expensive.

If you are looking for tree cutting Sydney or tree lopping Ryde, the only trustworthy team is Safety Tree Services, Sydney.


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Why choose Safety Tree Services, Sydney for tree cutting in Sydney?

Safety Tree Service is a family run business providing tree lopping in Sydney and tree lopping Penrith, Blacktown, Hills district, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Ryde etc. for more than 20 years. We have done all kinds of tree cutting work, big or small trees. Our team undertakes both residential and commercial work.

We are the only ones giving services of tree lopping western Sydney for such a long time. Other players are too new. When you hire us for tree lopping, tree services Sydney, you will get:

  • Certified team: We have only certified arboriculture‚Äôs on board. This gives you guarantee that we are well trained in what we do.
  • Experienced: For tree lopping castle Hill, always pick the ones with degree and experience. Our team is working for more than 2 decades. They have worked on different types of trees.
  • Budget Sydney Tree cutting cost: While others want to make holes in your pocket, we are very reasonable. The tree lopping costs can be as low as $50. But yes, it depends on size, shape, access and type of tree. So, ask our experts to visit today and get a free quote.
  • Insured: During the tree trimming or lopping, some branches may fall down. If you hire a novice, they can damage your property. This can turn out to be very expensive. For tree lopping Parramatta and for other cities near by Sydney, always hire insured Sydney arborists. Safety Tree Services, Sydney have full insurance coverage for property or any other damages. We know the work best, but we are even prepared for the worst. This makes us the most trusted tree lopping Castle Hill
  • Timely services: Our team values time. You can book us for any time convenient to you. We work 24X7. So pick us when you want for tree lopping Black Town, Sydney and other part of the city.
  • Emergency Services: For only few extra bucks, you get urgent services. If a branch has fallen on electrical wires or it is dangling in air, never take risks. Call Safety Tree Services, Sydney, and always remain safe.

Safety Tree Services Sydney have received several awards in last five years for its quality work. This proves our commitment towards safe practices and low prices.

You may want to look for tree lopping hills district, Sydney, due to one of the several reasons:

  • Landscaping: A good view from the lawn towards the beach is always mesmerising. If you want to get the landscaping done, you might need to cut few branches. We are the experts in creating aesthetic surroundings.
  • Dead branches: These dead branches may reap nutrients and light from the new young branches. For healthy growth of tree, it is must to remove the dead branches. We have more than 100 regular customers for tree lopping Baulkham hills and nearby hill areas.
  • Shaping: If you want to give some shape to a tree, then you will need us. We know how to make a tree grow in a particular way. The beautiful parks and gardens around you, have been done by us.
  • Light: The braches needs to be lopped to allow more sunlight and air for other plants. For any kind of services in tree lopping Sydney western suburbs, pick only Sydney’s Safety Tree Services.
  • Business: For people with acres of land, this is a way to make money. The braches when lopped can yield good amount. They are used as raw material in many factories or for land development. Why not use the resources if you have one.
  • Removal of waste: You need not worry about the fallen branches or tree waste. We will take care of it. Others charge you extra for cleaning services. However, we take it as a part of our duty. So after we are done, we will make sure we leave the place neat and clean. You can choose to keep the wood. If not, we will dispose it properly.

But tree lopping must not be done at any time. For every tree there is a best season to do tree lopping. This will ensure the tree remains healthy. Also, only experts should do it. If a cut is made wrong, it may make the tree infected. This can eventually make the tree die.

Or if over lopping is done, this will make the tree weak. It will not be able to withstand its own weight or wind. This can create risk of tree falling down. Such incidents can lead to casualties or damage to nearby properties.

When you hire Safety tree services Sydney, a team of experts will inspect the site. They will tell you all precautions to be taken and the best route for tree trimming. We give service guarantee of up to three months. Under normal circumstances, we guarantee no untoward incidences after tree trimming.

For the areas around Sydney, Black Town, Ryde, Castle Hills, Baulkham Hills and St. Mary, we have done more than 10,000 tree lopping projects. The biggest advertisement for us is done by our customers. You must read the reviews given by them on

We take all types of tree lopping services in Sydney. For single tree or complete garden, we can do all. The cost of service depends on size, season, location, access and neighbourhood. But for any service you choose, we can give guarantee of the quality work.

Safety Tree Services, Sydney Main Services

The best way to contact us is by giving a call on toll free number 02 9681 6593 | 0455 155 444. One of our trained and experienced tree lopping arborist in Sydney will take your requirements. Then, a team of Sydney arborists will visit you. They will give the quotes around money and time that will be needed. For large scale Sydney tree lopping services, ask for financing facility.

Give your lawn a new look today. For any tree cutting Sydney, contact Safety Tree Services, Sydney, we guarantee best and affordable tree lopping Sydney services.